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RADAR’s 10th anniversary

[4 minute read ] RADAR is the institutional repository of Oxford Brookes University. Its role at Oxford Brookes, like the role of any institutional repository, is to collect and share the digital intellectual products of its home institution. Indeed, RADAR’s full (and rarely used) name is Research And Digital Assets Repository. At Oxford Brookes, RADAR… Continue reading RADAR’s 10th anniversary

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The cost of transforming scholarly publishing in the UK

Dan Croft [10 minute read] Many transformative ‘read & publish’ or ‘publish & read’ deals are being signed around the world with scholarly publishers. There are many variables in what a transformative agreement might contain, but essentially they combine the previously separate services of reading, publishing, and Open Access into one contract. Jisc, the national… Continue reading The cost of transforming scholarly publishing in the UK


UC-Elsevier: an open and shut case

Joseph Ripp (Cal, '89) [five minute read] At the end of February of this year, the University of California cancelled further negotiations to renew its lapsed “big deal” subscription with Elsevier, citing an unbridgeable gap between the negotiating positions of the two parties. This Wednesday (7 Aug. 2019), UC published a blog post noting how… Continue reading UC-Elsevier: an open and shut case

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Achieving Full Open Access Across Higher Education

This is a report based on notes taken at the Inside Government event Achieving Full Open Access Across Higher Education on 11th June at Prospect House, London. The speakers referred to below are as follows (please note, this is not a complete list of speakers at the event): Chris Banks, Assistant Provost & Director of… Continue reading Achieving Full Open Access Across Higher Education

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Get Published! 2019 conference

On 12th April 2019 Oxford Brookes held its Get Published! student research conference. This poster conference has been running for several years now and typically features undergraduate and taught-postgraduate students presenting posters that summarise the original research findings of their dissertations or other assignments. It is always a fantastic event with a real buzz as… Continue reading Get Published! 2019 conference