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RADAR’s 10th anniversary

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RADAR is the institutional repository of Oxford Brookes University. Its role at Oxford Brookes, like the role of any institutional repository, is to collect and share the digital intellectual products of its home institution. Indeed, RADAR’s full (and rarely used) name is Research And Digital Assets Repository.

At Oxford Brookes, RADAR collects and shares…

  • The Open Access versions of scholarly publications.
  • Teaching materials that can be embedded into our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle).
  • The digitised versions of archival documents from our Special Collections and Archives.
  • A diverse range of research data.
  • Our unique collection of Oxford Brookes theses.
  • Electronic copies of past examination papers.
  • A set of postgraduate dissertations.
  • Posters from the annual Get Published! student research conference.
  • The Open Access journal International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring of Oxford Brookes’ International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies.

RADAR does not just passively hold these varied collections. Instead it actively pushes the metadata (authors, titles, dates, etc) that describe the documents out into the scholarly ecosystem of aggregators and search engines so that potential readers, viewers, and re-users of these documents can discover RADAR resources in a number of different places. It is evidently successful at this, as in the 2018/19 academic year it received over fifty thousand users and more than four hundred and thirty thousand page views.

But the aspect of RADAR that we have celebrated most recently is its longevity, because it has just turned ten years old! RADAR was launched at Oxford Brookes on 16th October 2009 and exactly a decade later, on 16th October 2019, we gathered together colleagues from all around Oxford Brookes and beyond to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

We were particularly delighted to welcome back Professor Rhona Sharpe, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Surrey who, in a former role as an Educational Developer at Oxford Brookes, was an important figure in the launch RADAR. Rhona returned to give a fantastic talk on how the role of the academic institutional repository has evolved since RADAR was conceived a decade ago.

Rhona Sharpe speaking at RADAR’s 10th anniversary celebration

The current RADAR team also presented a series of posters on the services and impacts of RADAR, whilst current contributors to RADAR gave their views in this video:

RADAR has been a significant part of Oxford Brookes’ digital infrastructure since 2009. It has grown and matured during that time and it will continue to evolve in response to changes in the academic landscape (in fact we are already working on the next set of technical developments).

One certainty is that Oxford Brookes will continue to produce a diverse range of valuable intellectual outputs in digital formats that should be shared, so it will not be a surprise if we are celebrating RADAR’s 20th anniversary in another decade!

If you would like to know more about Oxford Brookes’ institutional repository or to share your own work on RADAR, please visit the repository at or contact us at

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