Oxford Brookes joining SpringerCompact

Fantastic news for Oxford Brookes researchers as the Library, with the support of Linda King, sign up to join Springer Nature’s ‘read & publish’ agreement for 2022!

Oxford Brookes Library has long subscribed to a number of individual Springer Nature journals. However, the Springer Nature package – called SpringerCompact – has stayed tantalizingly just out of our financial reach.

However, Professor Linda King, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships, has offered to fund the difference between our current individual subscriptions and SpringerCompact for the calendar year 2022.

The larger package will be a considerable improvement over our individual subscriptions. During 2021 researchers have had ‘read’ access to less than ten Springer Nature journals and no ‘publish’ allowance at all. But in 2022, thanks to the SpringerCompact subscription, Oxford Brookes researchers will have ‘read’ access to 2,300 Springer Nature journals and a ‘publish’ allowance in 1,940 Springer Nature journals.

(Please note, SpringerCompact does not include ‘read’ or ‘publish’ access to the journal Nature or any of the Nature-branded journals).

Oxford Brookes Library’s subscription to SpringerCompact will start on 1st January 2022 and end on 31st December 2022.

The usage of SpringerCompact at Oxford Brookes during 2022, both in terms of ‘read’ and ‘publish’, will help inform a decision on whether or not the Library will sign up to the replacement of SpringerCompanct that will be negotiated between Jisc and SpringerNature and is anticipated to start in 2023.

If you have any questions about the SpringerCompact or any other of the Library’s ‘read & publish’ agreements, please contact the Scholarly Communications Team at openaccess@brookes.ac.uk.

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