cOAlition S Rights Retention Strategy, or, the Embargo wars

[five minute read] Tensions surrounding scholarly publishing and the academic book market, already fraught, are increasing. Plan S has surfaced one area of stress, that relating to the rights of researcher-authors and their institutions over the research articles that they produce. Under a traditional subscription/'paywall' model, authors transfer essential copyrights in articles to publishers, which… Continue reading cOAlition S Rights Retention Strategy, or, the Embargo wars


Open Access Week 2020

[three minute read] Open Access Week is an annual event when the international scholarly communications community promotes universal free access to scholarly research. Defined technically, “open access” does not simply mean that content can be read without payment (gratis), but rather that research is permanently free and licensed in order to be meaningfully reused (libre).… Continue reading Open Access Week 2020

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Open and Engaged at the British Library

Hazel King [4 minute read] Open and Engaged: Open Access Week at the British Library was a day of talks with speakers from a range of cultural heritage institutions discussing how they were making their collections openly accessible online. There was a good mix of institutions represented, including museums, galleries, libraries and archives, and universities.… Continue reading Open and Engaged at the British Library

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RADAR’s 10th anniversary

[4 minute read ] RADAR is the institutional repository of Oxford Brookes University. Its role at Oxford Brookes, like the role of any institutional repository, is to collect and share the digital intellectual products of its home institution. Indeed, RADAR’s full (and rarely used) name is Research And Digital Assets Repository. At Oxford Brookes, RADAR… Continue reading RADAR’s 10th anniversary

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The cost of transforming scholarly publishing in the UK

Dan Croft [10 minute read] Many transformative ‘read & publish’ or ‘publish & read’ deals are being signed around the world with scholarly publishers. There are many variables in what a transformative agreement might contain, but essentially they combine the previously separate services of reading, publishing, and Open Access into one contract. Jisc, the national… Continue reading The cost of transforming scholarly publishing in the UK