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Get Published! 2019 conference

On 12th April 2019 Oxford Brookes held its Get Published! student research conference. This poster conference has been running for several years now and typically features undergraduate and taught-postgraduate students presenting posters that summarise the original research findings of their dissertations or other assignments. It is always a fantastic event with a real buzz as… Continue reading Get Published! 2019 conference

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The Day Copyright Affected the Real World (or at least Middle-Earth)

Joseph Ripp ~ [seven minute read] We tend to view copyright like a dragon (just go with it, it's thematically apt). Frightening, yes, but sufficiently remote or arcane that it is unlikely to trouble most of us. But there will always be those with a thirst for adventure, a willingness to test their strength and cunning… Continue reading The Day Copyright Affected the Real World (or at least Middle-Earth)

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‘Plan S’ and turmoil in scholarly publishing

Dan Croft ~ In early September 2018 a number of European national research funders - including our own UKRI - joined together into cOAlition S to announce a bold new set of Open Access requirements for how the research they fund must be published. This scheme, quickly branded ‘Plan S’ by commentators, started with 10 principles… Continue reading ‘Plan S’ and turmoil in scholarly publishing


Digitising the Booker Prize Archive

Hazel King ~ While much of the work of the Scholarly Communications team revolves around making published research Open Access, we also work on other projects, all with the aim of sharing outputs from researchers, students and library collections as widely as possible. This includes our special collections, housed in the archive in Headington library, and… Continue reading Digitising the Booker Prize Archive